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Early Morning Fire, Accident or Arson?

   As the morning grew busy, the scent of smoke began to infiltrate the town and the blare of sirens filled the air as emergency vehicles responded.  The old brick station where RookHold Jewelry had run their business for nearly forty years was ablaze. The fire department rushed to the scene, but it was far too late. Despite their best efforts putting out the fire was the best they could, the building was too far gone.
FireRookhold Jewelry was an institution in Thornbridge. Many engagement rings, anniversary gifts, and the like have been purchased there over the years leaving very few residents in town without some family heirloom that’s story doesn’t begin at Rookhold; now those residents are demanding answers. Thornbridge FD has been very quiet on the matter on saying that they aren’t sure at this point what caused the fire, and they are taking every precaution. One of those precautions is a special arson investigator, Bill Kaye.The police, city officials, and even the heads of the founding families are keeping quiet, leading this reporter to believe this could very well be a case of arson.